Monday Madness!

So much going on in my life. Just trying to keep it all straight! Creating and sewing is what calms me. DSC_0312I wanted to show you my professional pictures of Calypso Vest, but I can’t access them here (on another computer that is having issues). So be sure to look at patterns/Heidi Emmett to see the perfect pictures AND two views of it. DSC_0321DSC_0314I designed the Calypso Vest pattern from a cool sweater vest that I bought. I wondered, is there a way to get the look of crochet in fabric? Bias strips! They are perfect. They aren’t as drapey as a piece made with yarn, but I love the fabric results using a double folded bias piece.
A great way to find a color theme is to pick a favorite piece from your stash or store and key off of it as I did above. Hot pink (wow, where did that name come from? Fourth grade, I had hot pink, hot pants, AND hot pink fishnets. Oh, I was hot, hot! LOL!), and black were the unifying colors. I really like the little puffy black trim that I couched on later (no black in the batik fabric, so I added trim for that).DSC_0305DSC_0308DSC_0307This version of Calypso Vest is called “Starry Night” so I cut out circles from a Kaffe Fabric and an Aboriginal fabric to represent stars in the sky. The straight pieces (cut from leftover bias strips) represent the tails of comets or shooting stars. I had so much fun creating this “Art to Wear” piece. I find that it is easy to wear all year long. It was very dramatic in the summer with a slim lined black maxi-length crocheted sleeveless dress underneath. For fall/winter, I like a longer length blouse over, black skinny jeans and tall boots.
Yikes, I’ve got to go rake more leaves and bring in chair cushions before it starts to rain! First rain in 7 weeks. I will get my creative time in tonight. Now where did I put that rake?
Hugs, Heidi

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