A Felting Friday!

DSC_0041I love to machine felt! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, all the yarns that are out there. I’m sure you are seeing more and more, randomly dyed yarns. The one above by Mendocino took two randomly dyed yarns and twisted them together. So, immediately the color choices seem to double. Let’s look a little closer. DSC_0019DSC_0043DSC_0045And one more!DSC_0050I have so many skeins of fabulously dyed yarns. The problem comes when I begin my felting process. I pull the yarn from the center, the beginning strand. I start pulling and snipping. Oh, but I don’t want this color, I want more of this next color. As I keep pulling the colors keep changing and pretty soon I have piles of small quantities of yarn, that I throw in a bag when I’m done to deal with later. Yeah, riiiiiiiight, like THAT is gonna happen! I was looking at Pinterest one day (really Heidi, ONE day! It’s more like EVERY day at least once a day, I love that place!) and saw the idea you see above. Using a clothespin, open it and place the end of the color you want into the end and let the clothespin close on it. Wrap, wrap, wrap, until a new color emerges, then start again. Now, when I get a new yarn, while watching t.v., I wrap the whole skein onto clothespins. Mine are vintage (actually, I left them outside for too many rain storms). I actually enjoy hanging clothes on the line. Especially sheets and towels. So now I am ready to do some magical machine felting! Oh wait, I have to hang some sheets on the line first! Have a productive weekend.
Hugs, Heidi

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