Gelli Printing Day

DSC_0298Ahhh… the morning of Gelli Printing Day. This was the view outside my kitchen window as I sat at the island sipping my morning coffee. Isn’t it beautiful? This has been the BEST fall for that tree. It is a Japanese Maple of some type. DSC_0094This is a sample “cosmetic bag” that our teacher, Mary Boalt made. Check out all her cool boards on Pinterest/ Mary Boalt. She is sooooo creative! Here are a few more samples.DSC_0101DSC_0104Aren’t these gorgeous? I will explain, as I knew NOTHING going in.DSC_0110Can you see the 11″ x 14″ gelli plate? It reminds me of those cushy inner soles you put in your shoes for extra comfort. Hmm… wonder if I could try one of those. I have a few pair. I’m serious here, our “Gelli plates” haven’t come yet. We borrowed Mary’s. DSC_0112The first picture shows the gelli plate which is some kind of slightly jelloy type polymer. It has a slightly sticky surface for paints and papers and fabric to adhere to. The white pieces are torn pieces of freezer paper with the shiny side down. They stick very nicely to the gelli plate. I just tore random shapes. The second picture shows Lumiere Paints (by Jacquard Paints) in several different colors painted onto the gelli plate. All right, I got so excited I FORGOT to take step by step pictures. So here it is:
Tear or cut paper masking pieces out of freezer paper.
Paint on the first layer of paint here and there, covering the masks.
Peel off the masks while the paint is wet.
Let the paint dry and add more and more layers of paint using stamps. DSC_0119My Gelli print is coming along but I want you to look above this last picture. Remember I painted over my masks and peeled them off. Well now the whole gelli piece is sitting on a purple table cloth. That makes it really hard to know what I am doing. Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. In this last picture, I have moved the gelli print into the sunshine to let it completely dry after adding quite a few layers of colors using fun shapes that have been dipped in paint and pressed onto the plate. DSC_0115Before I put the gelli plate into the sunshine on a WHITE tablecloth (the purple is gone now), I added white circles using a plastic lid dipped into a CIRCLE of paint. I emphasize this because it is such a simple way NOT to waste paint. Who knew? Can you see the groups of short slash marks? That is a stamp that I pressed into wet paint and it lifted the paint right off. I discovered something new. No one else had been doing that. Oh, I felt so creative. DSC_0124To be able to pull the paints off of the gelli piece two things must happen: 1. The paint must be completely dry. 2. A piece of iron on vinyl must be placed on top of the gelli (shiny side down) and smoothed out (no air bubbles). Again, so excited I forgot to take pictures. Then ever so gently start to peel a corner up and slowly pull the vinyl off taking all the dry paint with it. It STAYS stuck to the vinyl (it will never be touched by an iron, no need). There are blank spots (on purpose) which I will fill in with newsprint pieces and some shimmery powders. Then I will turn it into my own little purse. You will see it complete soon. What a fun day. Go to the Gelli website or Pinterest/Heidi Emmett/”Gelli” board and you can watch videos on how it is done, printing while the paint is wet onto paper.
This is so much fun to do. I hope you will have a chance to try it.
Hugs, Heidi

One thought on “Gelli Printing Day

  1. Thanks Heidi for an enthusiastic recap of our gelli day. It was so much fun to see you get so excited….and your print pulled perfectly! Success!!!!

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