Are You Drinking Enough Water?

DSC_0085I know, I know, this is a blog about creative fiber things. But if we aren’t taking care of ourselves, we won’t have enough energy to do the fun stuff. Hence, the picture of the Zephyr Presbyterian Conference Center water bottle.I want everyone who comes to the Artistic Alchemy retreat in September of 2014 fo be fully hydrated, especially at 6200ft. elevation.

I’m really trying to drink more water. One of those water bottles holds 32 oz. of water and we are supposed to drink two of those, a day! For someone who never drank lots and lots of water, this has been a real challenge. 36 oz. has been tops for me. My story for you is this: I went to have three ultrasounds a month back (I’m o.k. not to worry). I sat in the office and downed 32 oz. office in 15 min. They took me back and soon was on the table and her little wand thing was looking for my bladder. She couldn’t find it! I kid you not. She said that I would have to drink another 16 oz. What is up with that? She said that when we drink water, If areas in our bodies are dehydrated the water goes there first, then through the kidneys and lastly entering our bladders. I had just downed 32 oz. of water and was dehydrated! Wow, that was a real eye opener for me. Sooo, drink your water. Drink to life!DSC_0088DSC_0165 All rightie then, I seem to have a green theme going here. Green bottle, my favorite yellow green ikat plates, and the last of my zucchini, sliced up. I have said before that inspiration comes from many places. Look at the clean crisp design in the dinner and salad plate. Two colors, and cream on green and green on cream. The zucchini has great texture and I love the way it is stacked and cut. I will take these two pictures and sketch them onto one of my myriad yellow legal pads. I am seeing something “quilty” forming in my mind. Remember, 15 minutes a day for something creative, taking pictures near your home, sketching, sewing a few small pieces of your favorite fabrics together, just start! And drink your water.

I am getting together with like minded types tomorrow to create some Gelli’s. It is a type of printing. I will take my camera and record the day for you all. It should be lots of fun.

Now it is on to the sewing machine. I am trying to meet the deadline for a submission into Modern Quilting magazine. I have a bunch (3 right now) hanging in the balance or the ether of magazine hopefuls for articles. We’ll see. I am seeing the creatively written rejection emails of late. Oh well. It happens.
I’ll post as soon as I can after my printing workshop. Get creative now! Hugs, Heidi

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