Sweet Sookie and her Sookie Sweater and Sookie Sack

DSC_0036Before I show you Sookie, I must show off the last of my tomatoes from my garden. The temperature got down to 41 degrees last night, and I needed to pick what I could before they are all gone. These cherry sized tomatoes are called Sun Sugar. Write that down for a must have in your garden next year. We eat them like candy. They are so sweet and full of flavor. Yum, Yum!DSC_0344DSC_0346Meet, Miss Sookie (In Japanese Sookie means friend). She is a rescue Teacup Poodle weighing in at a whopping 4.3 pounds! She belongs to our sons girlfriend. I get to watch her sometimes. And of course I must create things for her to wear or be carried in.
Sookie is modeling her Cashmere sweater for crisp fall days leaf peeping. As you know I am into “Upcycling Garments”. Using a Cashmere sweater, cut off a sleeve and hold it up to the dog for length determination. Looking at the second picture of Sookie you will see that the sleeve cuff becomes the neck opening. The seam of the sleeve is under her tummy, and with a tape measure, determine armhole diameter and placement. Cut off excess sleeve (save excess for felted flowers that I’ll show you in another blog). I do NOT do any hemming (if you do it will become too tight, there wont be any give to the sweater). Just slip it on the puppskie and voila!, instant doggie chic.
Now, I must say that on our Sparky dog (a mutt coming in at approximately 24 pounds) when I made his Cashmere sweater (from an XL size) he really and truly looked like a sausage. Maybe it is just a girl dog thing. DSC_0366Okay, I can’t leave Sookie at home, but I REFUSED to carry her here and there in a “Hello Kitty” bag! So I got to work creating something cushy and soft, and of course chic! I had heavier weight Amy Butler fabrics and made a quilted, lined, Sookie Sack, that she could poke her head out and rest on the folded down sides. DSC_0360 I think you can see the buttons on the ends that hold down the sides. There are some stores that don’t want dogs inside. Soooo, I unbutton the sides and flip them up, Sookie snuggles down and no one even knows she is there. DSC_0363I kept the design quite simple. I hate tons of pockets in any purse. So there is one on the outside between the handles and one inside. Too many pockets and the poor dog would get squished!
I am thinking of putting this on Craftsy.com It would be my first “purse” pattern. We’ll see. Please visit my patterns on Craftsy.com/sewing patterns/Heidi Emmett. I have fun patterns on there. I am SO EXCITED! I sent four new patterns (that’s 4) to the pattern grader yesterdayDSC_0234DSC_0234DSC_0239. She will work her magic and make the nesting sizes to industry standards.DSC_0239

DSC_0240 The little moss colored sweater was just too “everyday.” Using an offwhite cashmere sweater I simply added yarn spirals (just like I showed you how to do, a few posts back) and yarn around the armholes and bottom edge. Let the yarn flow through your fingers as you felt it down. That’s why it looks a bit ruffly. There is plenty of give without it popping off. DSC_0241DSC_0243Of course I could not stop there. I had to add some spirals to a beautiful perriwinkle colored cashmere sweater for Sookie’s owner Rachel. The yarn I used is a varigated wool,straight off the skein. And any Cashmere sweater I get from a thrift shop goes into my upright washer on the wool setting. I hang them to dry. Some thrift shops will give you a great price if you point out the holes. Holes just tell me where I must add “felties” (the name I give to flowers or shapes out of yarn).
You can always email me if you have a felting question. hmemmett@gmail.com
Until next time, hugs from Heidi

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