A Little Upcycled Top

DSC_0089DSC_0089I loved this little top the first year I wore it. The second year, not so much. It shrunk, I’m sure of it! Ha, ha. So I thought, how can I lengthen it and give it some pizzazz at the same time? Gather a 1/4 yard of fabric and some beaded trim (buy enough to go around the bottom of your top plus a few extra inches). Whatever the bottom width is, multiply it by 1/2. Example: 40″ around x 1.5= 60″ of fabric needed to gather up. Determine your length of the ruffle and add seam allowance and hem amount. Cut the strips needed from your 1/4 yard of fabric, from selvage to selvage. Stitch together to form a circle. Sew the hem. Stitch the unhemmed edge with a basting stitch. Gather it up to fit the bottom edge of the top. Add the beaded trim by pinning or basting it to the ruffled piece. Top stitch the the two pieces by tucking them under the bottom edge of the top just enough to hide the basting stitches. Top stitch from the right side. Take your time. I did NOT, and bits of the beading trim (bright gold) show. I just keep moving and if people notice it, they are just WAY too close! And never put the iron directly on top of the beaded trim (unless it’s glass). Melting will occur!
Wear this little top on a warmer fall day with a long sweater, skinny jeans, and get out there and sashay through the leaves!
Hugs, Heidi

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