I’m Back From My Rest & Relaxation

DSC_0081Our one week off was fabulous. Truly restful. I have some fabulous shots of Tahoe to show you but I have to figure out how to get them from my tablet to my desktop. In the meantime, I will show you what I took around my yard (and a fun piece of clothing of course). This is our Chinese Pistachio. I bought this as a bare root tree (very small, in February, for under a dollar). Bare root is a great way to go if you are just starting your yard. They are native to northern California. Of course I left the poor little fledgling tree in the pot too long (I heeled it in until I could plant it properlyDSC_0120DSC_0120DSC_0121). Fast forward 15 years and a broken pot. TIME to replant. I LOVE this tree, flaming red every year. O.K. enough Botanical talk. I was raised on a tree farm. Sorry.
O.K., I just tried to add 2 more pictures and nothing seems to show. I am going to publish this and see what’s what. So sorry.

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