Showing you how to Machine Felt

First, a quote: “Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” John Fairchild DSC_0095This is my cool boot length zippered hooded sweatshirt. On the front I have already added a few circles of yarn. I am concentrating on the back because when I bought it, the back was totally plain. I have added a few squares of fabric, and now I am beginning to add circles of yarn that I will felt to hold them in place. DSC_0096 The yarn that I am using is Alpaca, BUT you could use a cotton yarn, an acrylic yarn, whoo hoo, whatever blend you want. The only BUT is bauble yarn (you will break needles). DSC_0097Those are Marcia Derse fabrics behind the yarn. Love her fabrics!! Look how cool the yarn looks when it is rolled between my fingers to form a spiral circle. DSC_0103I wanted you to see my machine. It is a Husqavarna, Husky Star with yikes, is it five or six needles? No more than that. Many of the newer machines have 10 and 12. Naturally, Husqavarna no longer makes a felting machine. Not to worry. If you should ever want one go on Ebay to check out all the different felting machinesDSC_0106. There is the beginning of my spiral of yarn. I use my other hand to help maneuver the yarn into a larger and larger spiral. DSC_0107 This is the coooolest thing ever! I place the spiral/circle of yarn where I want it and THEN place on top of it (no pins, no glue), a piece of netting! The netting is the stiffer kind that is used in petticoats (slips that really stand out and away from the body). Start the machine and those needles go up and down piercing the yarn and making it grab into the fabric, and basically pull yarn fibers to the back side. Side to side, up and down, around and around until you are sure all the yarn has been pierced. Pull it away from the needles and pull the netting off. It just FALLS of. It’s like a little miracle. I have NEVER had it stick to anything. You can build a whole picture (like painting with yarn) and place a piece of netting over the whole piece. No pins, glue. Amazing. And I have used the same piece of netting over and over and over before many holes appear. DSC_0108Can you see the needles working? I had to do this single handly as my right hand took the shot. The flash went off so it’s a bit yellow. DSC_0110Taaa daaah! From beginning the spiral to pulling off the netting, it took about 2 minutes. Too fun. A great way to jazz up a rather boring, plain back of anything!
I am posting today, because I will be leaving for a week and don’t think I can post from my tablet, on Monday or Tuesday. I’ll try.
I will take pictures and show you what I am working on now. Happy sewing. Hugs, Heidi

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