What Season is Your Favorite?

I have to say, Fall is probably my favorite season. I tend toward using the warm side of the color wheel in whatever I do. Painting a wall, trying to paint a canvas, sewing, crocheting, etc. I like all colors, but the flaming golds, reds, & yellows of the leaves changing is so exciting. How about you?CSC_0013This is right outside my kitchen window! And my tomatoes from my garden. DSC_0003 I know these are spagetti squash, pumpkins, gourds, etc. but check those colors, and do you see the little heart on the spagetti squash? I picked it like that from the garden. I have no idea how it got there, but it stayed a long time. I have a garden tip for you: if you are able to grow pumpkins, as they are growing, make sure you place a flat stone or lots of straw under the pumpkin. If they are directly on the dirt, they will begin to rot at that spot waaay before you ever pick them. And what an icky mess to clean up on the brickwork. DSC_0008-1 This is a picture from my back yard! DSC_0014-1 Out the window of our second story into the backyard and beyond. Alas, the Italian Cypress and the white fence waay in the back are the neighbors. DSC_0017 I always show Rubix & Rex (our cats). Well, here is Sparky our sweet rescue dog who LOVES walnuts. Right after I took this picture, he stole one and ran off to crack it and eat it in private. He is a sweetie. We have a few walnut trees too. DSC_0036DSC_0034 All rightie, back to sewing! Or in this case, machine felting. I also do upcycling of garments. With fall here I am bringing out the yarns and I quickly (by machine you can felt these little circles on both ends of a beautiful shawl in truly, about 1/2 hour max) added pieces of yarn formed in a circle to the base fabric. I added a small pocket too for keys or tissue. I will show you how it is done in my next blog.
Collect some beautiful leaves, place between two sheets of waxpaper and iron all around the leaves on low. Tape in a window (maybe one with a lousy view) and enjoy your fall leaves. I did this when I was a little girl and it’s good to go back and enjoy simple times.
Hugs, Heidi

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