Inspiration Comes From So Many Things

DSC_0001Blood Oranges, don’t like the name but oh are they tasty. My camera is ALWAYS handy to take a quick shot of something that grabs my attention. Luscious colors. DSC_0022 A student in one of my “Skinny Vest” aka Terrific Tabard Vest. Her inspiration came from Real African Fabrics. I had everyone start with the back first. She was inspired by the shapes and I told her she was making a window into the world of Africa. DSC_0023This student brought in one large print and we rushed downstairs to Sugar Pine Quilt Shop and pulled some fabulous prints that went well with this large print. I made her do some fussy cutting of the large print and strip pieced the new ones for a bold and graphic design. DSC_0030I took this picture right outside of the classroom at Sugar Pine Quilt Shop (which feels as though you are in a tree house). Isn’t this tree gorgeous? Yes, it was late April of 2013. I am feeling very nostalgic right now as you will see in the next few photos. DSC_0040Yes, that’s me at my very last “Meet The Masters” assembly for 500 students (see them grades 1-3, then 4-6). I had the AMAZING privilege of seeing the Salvador Dali Museum (only 2 in the world) in St. Petersberg, FL Oh my goodness, what a Master Artist! Paintings that were 10 feet x 14 feet tall, UNBELIEVABLE! The intricacy of a painting that large. I could have stayed for days. I could not take any pictures, but I kept them in my heart and bought books from (my tip for the day, go there!!) when I got home. So I wrote up a script on Salvador Dali and the kids just loved him. I will say no more, Google him just for fun. DSC_0038 Miss my kids, they were the best, but it was time to step down and let someone else take it on. 7 years with Meet the Masters, 17 years total at Union Hill School in Grass Valley, CA. I LEARNED SO MUCH! Hey, check out what I am wearing, my favorite (well, they are ALL my favorites) Skinny Vest. Remember the blood oranges from the beginning picture? Hmmm… I see them in this Aboriginal fabric. Check out my vest patterns at under Sewing Patterns/ Heidi Emmett
Get your cameras out and just have fun taking some pictures. Fall has arrived early this year. Take deep breaths of the fabulous air. Create something this week, even if it seems small to you. We are all building on what we do.
Hugs, Heidi

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