Artistic Alchemy group is meeting with Ladies from Roseville, CA

DSC_0010DSC_0019DSC_0013DSC_0016DSC_0017Good evening! I know, it’s Sunday and I am sending out this blog a day (at least) early. On Monday, our intrepid group of four, Artistic Alchemy, are introducing ourselves to a large group of women from Roseville, CA We are meeting at Sugar Pine Quilt Shop (in Grass Valley, CA), a wonderful quilt shop and telling them what we are about and our fabulous retreat coming in September, 2014 at Zephyr Point, South Shore Lake Tahoe, the Nevada side.
I wanted to show you one of the freebies that YOU TOO can receive! It is my famous Easy, Three-tiered skirt from “Heidi’s Fashion Fabrics Store. I developed this pattern over 25 years ago (yes, I really meant to type 25). What goes around comes back, especially in fashion ladies. I really like my pattern because it isn’t so full that you feel overweight. With the right fabric, it drapes beautifully. Wear it with a t-shirt tucked in (on skinny feeling days) or a longer top on the outside. Casual, and very comfortable. Velvet for the holidays, Italian cotton for the summer. Even the gorgeous European lightweight corduroys are great. These are three of my favorites that you see in the pictures above. I made them, gasp, choke, 25 years ago. I only need to replace the elastic again! They never go out of style. The one on the mannequin is 100% Italian cotton. The second, I only have to buy or make new tops for. It is an exquisite Italian rayon. Rayon hugs the hips so nicely and has a swingy, swishy feel to it. Tha last one is one of the FIRST 100% cotton Hoffman Batiks on the market. Gosh, I could not keep those in the store. Boy, I am dating myself here. But really, fashion just keeps recycling itself, with new twists and turns. I LOVE IT ALL! Go to under Sewing Patterns/ Heidi Emmett and this skirt pattern will come up. It’s FREE! So have fun with it and let me know what you have created with it.
The Artistic Alchemy Blog will be up and running very soon. I’ll let you know when. Have a great, creative week.
Hugs, Heidi

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