Doesn’t It Feel Like Fall?

DSC_0159DSC_0001 - Copy (2)

DSC_0005DSC_0059DSC_0068The first picture of the Tahoe sunset is on our way to dinner the evening we arrived. Walking to our car!! You will love it at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center if you choose to come to the Artistic Alchemy retreat in September of 2014.
The second picture is watching a FABULOUS storm move in the late afternoon of the next day. This is from the deck of the Bear Necessities Gift Shop. You can bring a book or a nook (they have really strong Wi-Fi now) and sit in the rocking chairs and watch the goings on right on the lake. The BEST view!!DSC_0084This the view we had walking to a lovely dinner of tri-tip, etc. at the Tallac Center. There are two large buildings where you can stay and have your meals. You always sleep and eat in the same building.

This will be the perfect fall vest. I’m not sure how these pictures will come up, having a bit of trouble tonight with getting pictures and text in a good order. I took a fabulous class from Christine Barnes, called Urban Ombres. Please go to her website, and see this very impressive, cool, quilt. My husband loves it. You can barely see it on my table (the pattern). I had all the scraps out from my quilt top and added my own wool jersey(with silver leaves, in the middle of the second picture). I came up with an idea for a nifty vest. Time has been so short since I came home from Tahoe. I hope to show you the finished product next week. We’ll see.
Fall begins on Sunday afternoon. I hope it’s fall where you live. Go out and buy a pumpkin ( I just bought pumpkin colored sandles. A frivolous purchase, they were on mega sale, and I love them and wear them so much). So do something frivolous. Buy some flowers and a pumpkin to celebrate fall. And maybe some fabric, and yarn, and a knitting or crochet book. I can’t help it! Fall is almost HERE!
Hugs, Heidi

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