Labor Day weekend sewing!

DSC_0081 It’s time I showed you some repurposed garments (since it is on my card, that I do this!) Part of the problem is that I have soooooo much fun collecting the garments that need repurposing that I don’t know when to stop collecting and START CREATING! “The Thrill of The Hunt”, “Retail Therapy on the Cheap”, whatever you call it, I do it on a large scale.
Check out this ankle length, 100% rayon dress. Wasn’t sure what to do with it, just knew I had to have it because of the color and the drapey fabric. Washed it (on gentle and hung it to dry). Hint: If you too want to repurpose garments, never buy them unless you can throw them in the wash! I will never take something to the cleaners. What is that all about, we are creating on the “cheep” here?! DSC_0124DSC_0129DSC_0130 Isn’t this a fun piece?! I love how the first picture of the whole dress reminds me of the “before and after” pictures of women with no makeup and not smiling. That’s the “whole dress” pic (and terrible lighting). Then , ta da!, very happy and pretty. Basically, it’s two rectangles, cut out armholes, add trim, make front and back casings, and add the tie. I am debating how best to give directions on it. I must think on that a bit more. I did this on Friday night.
I promised you a new Whisper blouse WITH my pumpkin, so here it is:DSC_0103DSC_0108DSC_0119DSC_0122I finished my Whisper Blouse using Kaffe Fassett stripes. I must say that I really like the back bodice of this one. I started with a pre-tucked piece (what a score 10 + years ago!) that I’m not even sure is Kaffe. Who cares, close enough for me. Oh my gosh, I just realized I used a piece from a “stash” of old. Yes! Any way……I hate plain back anythings so I glued down itty bitty scrap pieces and straight stitched ’em down. Just typing this now gave me a great idea for more of the same. I am going to go sew some tucks in another piece, randomly this time and add more scraps.
I also started another new piece which I can’t wait to show you. So my labors over this long weekend were productive (besides, it was pouring rain and we couldn’t be outside). I must dash up to my attic studio and try that new “tuck and roll” idea. Hmm…not sure where the “roll” part comes in, I’ll think of something.
Hugs, Heidi

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