Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

DSC_0049DSC_0051DSC_0064DSC_0066DSC_0065 Hello! The title is “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”, no not the song, but real smoke. There is a fire about 50 miles away but all the smoke settles here every morning until noon. Then a lovely breeze comes and blows it toward Lake Tahoe. This morning was so bad I could actually see smoke in my house (I left lots of windows open last night!). So I decided to stay in and work on some projects.
The pictures you first saw, the base, a quilted sample piece 12 x 12″. This is a mixed media piece. I pulled fabric bits (from the big bag that Rubix climbed into), threads, and look at those cute little houses and buildings. I still have a big bag of those. They are left overs from a project that fourth graders were working on and threw these away. They are splattered papers using thinned out acrylics and opalescent acrylics. My friend laughed at me as I pulled them out of the trash can. I will use these, I said. And that day has come. I wanted to do a small “cityscape.” The papers stitched down beautifully. I used that fabulous basting glue again to hold even the paper to the fabric until I could stitch everything in place.
I am enjoying hand sewing again, so I have added sequins with beads to this creation. They make my “cityscape” shimmer. I use Cartwright’s Sequins. The have metallics, holograms, iridescent embossed squares, circles, and on and on. They are a cheap thrill! One package costs approx. $1.35 for 200 pieces.
Check them out.
So here is the almost finished piece. I want to add more sequins to the bottom edge and maybe add some to the long strings I left dangling at the bottom. We’ll see.DSC_0017 I think it’s fun. I like trying new techniques and ideas on small pieces as it gives me a good idea of how it all works and doesn’t take as long.
I have a garment to show you. It’s almost finished. The interesting pleats are from a top that I pinned on Pinterest. Please visit Pinterest if you haven’t already. It is highly addictive, Check out my boards under Heidi Emmett. Have a great week. Hugs, Heidi

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