I hit the wrong button- whoops, Let’s add more to this post!

Yes, a boy for the Duke and Duchess. EVERYONE I talked to thought he would be a girl. I thought he would be a she. Whatever, what a nice bit of news to focus on.
Those first three pictures represent the fun I had using simple “tools” to add color and more background to the plain linen. I like the results: three tools, three colors of acrylic paint. Don’t forget to heat set the piece (with your iron) after the paint has dried. DSC_0018
These pictures show sections that were glued down. I use Roxanne, Glue-Baste-It to hold all my pieces in place until they are sewn down. I use a darning foot and just have fun with stitching that encloses every edge of each piece and then some random stitching. It is very freeing and fun. Starting with a pillow top allows for good practice. I do have to constantly tell myself to RELAX my shoulders. DSC_0040DSC_0043DSC_0045


I am excited! I am working on another Mommy & Me & My Quilt which will involve lace, and lace trims. You get a sneak peak with this jacket I picked up at a thrift shop at Lake Tahoe. It has been hand washed and the cool buttons already removed (all 6 are different mother of pearl). Want you to see some of the before shots. DSC_0057
This is a close up of a piece I call “Eclipse”. I will discuss this piece in detail next time we meet. SO FUN to create. What ARE those flowers made of?
I did way to much cooking and cleaning today. But I was able to squeeze in an hour of creative time.
Until next time, happy creating.
Hugs, Heidi

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