The “Cat” Days of Summer and This and That

Zephyr Jacket Zephyr Jacket 
This picture didn’t make it into the last post. A different Zephyr Jacket. I love these, they are fun and easy to make. "Kitty Yoga"

I had to show you all these pictures. This is Rex and it was over 100 degrees outside a few weeks ago. He came in to the house and just flopped on the couch and slept just this way. Too funny!Heart to HeartA friend had a heart attack (she is better now after two way bypass) and we are making a quilt for her. Did not matter what we did, block wise, but it had to have a heart in it. Well, one wasn’t enough for me. And then I went even further….on another block. DSC_0045DSC_0049 With the left overs, I had fun. I’m going to do some embroidery on it and see what happens. Someday you’ll see the results. Pillow artClose up of Pillow art Sometimes I buy pillows on sale just for their down/feather inserts. Too expensive to buy on their own. These were classy and “modern” as is, so I am enjoying them in our living room. Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone, so I am creating another one to coordinate. I started with a beautiful chunk of linen (50 cents from the thrift store). I took the “modern” pillow (left side of first art pillow shot) to my stash and pulled out fabrics to coordinate. I cut out flowers and leaves and will do some straight stitching in random fashion around these pieces. I always take pictures of in process because it really helps visualize what it will look like as a finished piece. I discovered immediately that it needs some painting on the background and stamping too. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m also working on another “Mommy and Me and My Quilt” pattern and creating these last two ideas have just given me an idea for “Mommy, and,….”
Aarrrrggghhh! This is my life! My brain is on overload with ideas, and there truly isn’t enough time!
Enjoy your day. Find 15 minutes to create!
Hugs, Heidi

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