Vacation time at Zephyr Point, South Shore, Lake Tahoe.

My husband and I just spent a week up at Zephyr Point. Pictures coming up next. Zephyr Jacket, two different ones, come up first. These are perfect for the cool summer evenings at South Shore and sitting on the deck of our cabin
or sitting on the private dock.

From cabin "A"
From cabin “A”



These pictures give you a little idea of the beauty up at Tahoe. The Zephyr jacket can easily be made in an afternoon. I used quilting cotton for the body, and different silks for the front pieces. Those silks came from a silk pair of pants, a silk skirt, and a silk shirt.Check out my patterns on (look under Heidi Emmett in the sewing pattern section). Also, look me up on Pinterest under my name Heidi Emmett. I am sort of going crazy on there, but having fun.
I hope this post comes out properly, as I have been away from the computer
for a few weeks.
Hope you all are having a creative summer. Hugs, Heidi

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