Mommy & Me & My Quilt





DSC_0064School, graduation, retirement parties, all done. It’s SUMMERTIME!
My windows just got washed (I’m so done washing two story windows myself) and it started to rain and it’s quite cool. And I can’t believe that just two days ago, it was over 100 degrees.

I just sent in a submission to “Quilts and More”, and I want to show you a few pictures of my photo shoot for this collection.

It’s titled “Mommy & Me & My Quilt. It is a fun grouping of a Mommy vest/jumper, daughter’s vest/jumper, and of course a matching quilt. I designed the Mommy vest and created it onto one big piece of fabric. Once it was quilted I could not bear to cut into it. So I made it again to create the vest. I wore it to one of the MTM assemblies where I discussed quilt artist, Faith Ringgold. After several little girls saw my vest and said, “I want one just like yours”, I knew I had to make a little girl’s version. I think it will be a great way to teach little ones about color and design. They will be able to help create their own vest.

I already have Number 2 in the series (I think a series is called for here, they are so much fun to create), the mock ups are cut out, these will have cotton lace as the predominant features. Can’t wait to show you all. As far as number 1 goes, I have to wait a looooong, long time (months) before I hear one way or the other.

Hope you like the pictures. Be sure to scroll all the way down. My helper, Rubix is quite helpful. I want to add a caption to each one, but it didn’t work last time for the State Fair Pieces. Just to let you know on those pictures, the middle picture is a “Conceptual Steampunk Broom”.

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