Pinterest is Amazing!

I’ve resisted for a year and a half. I started with one board and one picture. I left it til now. I received a Nexus 10 as a huge surprise for Mother’s Day, and well, I’m off and running with it. Pinterest is my favorite thing to look at and with a Nexus, I can get in a comfy chair and repin the afternoon away. YIKES, what am I doing? Well, I think we all need that creative time and sometimes it’s not just sewing, it’s finding ideas for future projects.
Here is a blog you must look at. As my dear friend Christine says: “It’s visually delicious.”
It is:
Also, go to Christine Barnes website: It is all things COLOR!

I am working on 3 patterns in one this week. It is called “Mommy and Me, and my quilt.”I will post a few pictures but I must say, I have to figure out how to make my pictures larger. This is a quilted very fun vest/jumper for mom and daughter as well as a matching wallhanging. This pattern I am hoping to have accepted by a Magazine. I’ll keep you posted.

"Mommy Vest/ Jumper"

One thought on “Pinterest is Amazing!

  1. Love, love this Mom’s vest, and I’ll bet the little girl’s will be even cuter! Is that IKEA fabric lining your vest? They’re a great source for wider cottons. Show us this three-part project asap! (Thanks so much for mentioning my website—I’m in love with color!)

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