A Little of This and That

I recently bought two skirts, one was too big and one was too short. I’m not sure how the pictures will upload but I think you will understand.
The first skirt is a very simple A-Line (cut on the bias) with a yoke waistband. I knew it was too big and I thought if I can’t wear it, I’ll cut it up for the 100% linen. I put the skirt on and had pins handy. I just played with pinching it here and there, pinning it and checking in the mirror as to what looked good. I settled on just one big pleat in the front and to the side. I have a large button stash and found graduated, all different styles of pearl buttons. Use a larger eyed needle so you can get four strands of thread on it, run some beeswax on the thread (keeps the thread from tangling) and sew them down.
For the second skirt, it was too short. I took a strip of black illusion (about four inches wide and double the width of the skirt) and sewed it in a big circle. I pressed it in half (the long way) and ran a gathering thread all the way around (1/4″ from the edge). I tucked the raw edges under the bottom hem and stitched along the skirt edge. There was a lining (has the green bit of trim on it) that I cut apart about 4″ up from the bottom edge and inserted a strip of “angel” fabric that I had on hand. I want more of the angels to show so I might gather the fabric up (from the bottom edge, and the skirt only) here and there and sew a button to hold it in place. I wear black leggings under this one for an updated look.

I attached the picture of a new pillow on my yummy leopard (ultrasuede) chair. I just LOVE the colors combined with the leopard print. Hmmm, something will come from this. Not sure what yet.

Skirt 1

Skirt 2 I hope you have a journal or your camera always at the ready.I love legal pads because they are cheap and big. BUT, I don’t just have one that I work with, BIG mistake. I have about 10 floating around the house. I really must consolidate.

Hugs, Heidi

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