Skinny Vest with Marcia Derse Fabrics

The fashion show was a huge success. Ladies of all sizes and shapes asked about the patterns. That is what I’ve wanted, all sizes and shapes to be able to wear my designs and feel good in them. Don’t forget to visit Pattern number 4 should be on by the end of the week.

Today, I’ve posted a picture of “Skinny Vest” in more sophisticated fabrics, almost all of them are Marcia Derse’s by Troy Textiles. I started with an allover print from her Gerta Collection.
They are 4 x 4 1/4 ” rectangles printed nicely in rows. You will see that I treated it like the large scaled print from “Aussie Angle” and cut it here and there to suit me. I also cut out individual squares that look like they are falling away from the original piece. The filler strips are some Marcia, and some batiks. I bound it in black, my signature finishing detail with this vest pattern, but it also helps create the whole “skinny package”. DSC_0275




Next week I plan to start “Tuesday Tutorials with Heidi.” I have soooooo much that I have been working on that I must get them out so you can play too.

Hugs from Heidi

3 thoughts on “Skinny Vest with Marcia Derse Fabrics

  1. Love this new version of your Skinny Vest! Having some shapes tumble down looks great. Aren’t the Marcia Derse fabrics fantastic for wearables? I have an embarrassing collection, including this fabric from the Gerta line. You should send your pics to her!

  2. Hi Sweet friend!
    I am so happy for your new adventure!!!!! There is know one else more well suited for the job! I think of you often, especially when I have a tricky gown sitting in front of me and I need some advise 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing more of your great ideas!

    Happy designing!

    Lisa West

    1. Lisa, it was soooo GOOD to hear from you! I am caught in the Bermuda Triangle of Social media! I am VERY slow, but will get better. All I want to do is design and create, but marketing is necessary. Thanks for tuning in. Hugs, Heidi

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