Been busy…..

I have been getting my two new vest patterns out into the world, slowly but surely. With two local quilt shows I was able to get the word out via fashion shows, wearing them and walking around, and handing out postcards.  I am so excited about one stop at the quilt shows, the M&S Textiles of Australia booth.  My “Aussie Angle” vest is now on its’ way to the Kansas City Quilt Market to be in the M&S Textiles booth.  May it help bring many orders for M&S fabrics, and pattern sales for me!  Their fabrics are fabulous to use for both Terrific Tabard and Calypso. 

Check out the picture of the piece of M&S fabric I used for “Aussie Angle”. This one is an older pattern, but they brought it back!  I’m so glad.  I was able to buy another piece so you could see the pattern and design features as a “whole” piece.  This is such a juicy colorway.  There are others of course, most a bit muted and very sophisticated. Image

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