Accessorize your Terrific Tabard Vest

Finally, a close up picture! Every post is an adventure in technology for me.  I love the closure pin that I have used for this vest instead of a button.  It really jazzes it up.  And what a natural this flower pin is with my large scale flower fabric choice. The fabric is by E. Young. Women’s Business, M & S Textiles of Australia. The pin is by Ayala Bar a fabulous jewelry designer from Israel.Check out her things on EBay.   

Each pattern, Calypso Vest and Terrific Tabard, talk about fabric choices and button (if needed)ideas.  

I will be setting up my Paypal account shortly.  In the meantime, a check for $12.95 will get either pattern mailed to you (this includes postage).  A check for $25.00 will get you both patterns (I’ll pay postage. This is for a limited time  Reminder: the sizing for the patterns are, XSM=size 6 all the way up to 4X= size24.

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