Happy Independence Day!

July 1, 2011

Hi Friends:

One week and one day.  I’ll get the hang of this.  I’m so excited to be in print.  I have beautiful sweaters ready and waiting for me to felt.  Time, I need more time.  My idea is to put them up for sale once they are felted.  For those who want to felt their own sweaters, I’ll give you tips on new, creative ways of felting.

An update on my patterns:  They are now on their way to the “renderer”.  Did you know that there are 6 steps for pattern creation?  Design, creating & editing, grader(sizing), renderer (drawing it perfectly and adding things like grain lines, etc.), picture (pdf file of pattern), and finally printer.  I want them to fit, soo…. it takes time.  My girlfriends who have tried them on really like them so I am hopeful that you will too.

Happy fourth of July to you!  Don’t forget to put your flag out. For all its problems, we live in a GREAT country.

Talk to you next week.  Heidi

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